The Benefits of a BusinessCapsule Website

  • Share was created to provide an avenue for businesses without a large budget to still get a professional presence on the Internet. We feel all businesses, large or small, should have some sort of website. We also feel strongly that it is important to have skilled designers and developers build your site as it is a reflection of your business plus a lot of the benefit is not what you see but how a site is crafted.

Some organizations may feel like they are busy enough to not need a website, but not keeping up-to-date with the online world puts your business at risk.  We want to keep your organization healthy and ahead of your competition all while providing additional benefits not found elsewhere.  As such, we provide you with an opportunity to get a modestly priced, professional website for less than you likely are to pay to run one or two ads in a local paper.

It just makes sense to have a website. Or, to put it another way, it makes no sense not having a website. provides you with options for launching or updating your website. Our Starter subscription will get you on the road with a basic, but still professional website. This may be enough for you, and our system is such that stepping up a level is quite simple and quick, so, if you start here and decide you are missing out, you can easily upgrade.

The subscription offerings above the Starter Plan will likely not have you wanting for more.  It is the level we recommend as it will fully satisfy most needs and not limit your site to one page.  It also allows you to have your own domain, a blog and incorporate Google Analytics, XML sitemaps and more.

So, what do you get by enlisting our help in setting up your new website, or updating an older site and bringing it onto our advanced platform?  Well, read on and see.

Your Very Own Place on the Web

Open for BusinessAll of our websites are set up with a free sub-domain listing, like  If you own your own domain, and you are not on a Starter Plan, we can map your domain to your new site so that your patrons can visit you at  If you don’t have a domain we do encourage getting one.  We can either do that for you, or you can do it yourself and save money.  We recommend Moniker for registering domains. We have used their service to register nearly 300 domains.

Answer Questions at All Hours

Having a site allows you to provide information to potential and current customers even at 2am in the morning. While personal contact with customers is important, a website does allow you to explain more about your organization before any personal conversation, and often in more detail. It also allows for off-business hours availability.

Get More Business

Having a website offers at least two additional benefits that are reflected in your revenue.  First, there is a new means for people to find your business as you will have an online presence that can be tuned to getting yourself found in search engine results.  The other great benefit is additional opportunities to up-sell or cross-sell your customers.  Having a website allows you to fully detail all of the services and products you provide.  Now a customer who might have only come to you for one item or service will be aware that you also provide other products or services that they either may have gotten elsewhere or might not have thought to purchase in the first place.

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Mobile Ready

Business Capsule on iPhoneOur themes are designed to display effectively on mobile and tablet devices, not just on standard desktop or laptop computers. So, if someone is on the go and trying to find something, your site will be able to handle their visit without frustrating them with a shrunken down, vertical and horizontal scrollbared version.  Our BusinessCapsule website is built on the same framework we use for our customers, so, check us out on your mobile device.


We provide tools to aid with search engine optimization (SEO). This is a key part of a site and an area that do-it-yourself or low budget sites don’t incorporate. It’s important and we include techniques, like meta information and XML sitemaps, to ensure your website is set-up to help the search engines find you.  This will help to increase the odds that, when someone searches on a term that you’ve built into your content, these search engines will serve up your site in the search results.

Social Networking

iStock_000010898556Large_Grand_Central_StationWe integrate social networking tools into the sites we build to make it easier for visitors to share what they find with others and to engage with your organization even more. These include both buttons to send them off to your Facebook Page, Twitter Feed, Pinterest pinboard or other social networks you may have.  We also incorporate buttons that allow visitors to share content on your site with their own social networks.

Updateable Content

We made the choice to build our offering on the WordPress CMS open-source system. This is one of the most popular Content Management Systems available and one that is hugely supported. The main benefit for you is that it allows you to maintain and augment the content on YOUR website without having to pay someone to do it for you. The Starter Plan is limited to just one page of content, but this content is still controlled by you.

Google Analytics

This is a standard feature in all but our Starter package. Google Analytics is a service that will record visit information for your site and provide you a means to see what type of traffic your website is generating and how effective your content is at keeping someone on your site. Once turned on and integrated, this information is a free offering from Google and presents the captured site visitor information in a myriad of ways, like how many pages they looked at, the most popular pages, the number of visitors, how many were new, how long they were on your site and much more.

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Software Updates and Backups

Hosting your site is a part of your website subscription.  Unlike large hosting companies, our hosting service is geared specifically to our clients and the websites that we deliver.  This means we provide for you the same infrastructure support that we utilize for our own systems.  This includes us installing all of the regular updates that are made available for the software utilized in building your website. Your website will always be kept up-to-date, automatically. While most of these updates won’t affect features, they will often affect the security and stability of your site. We relieve you of having to worry about this important task.  We also include regular backups that are stored safely up in the cloud.

Current Technology

We keep up on the latest technologies, like responsive mobile layouts, and ensure that what we offer keeps up with the times. This means you won’t have a site that looks old and stale in a year, or a website that is running on an outdated design or using technology that doesn’t take advantage of the latest SEO techniques or design methodologies.  It’s important to have a website that never looks outdated on the screen or within its code base.

Seasoned Experts on Staff

BusinessCapsule is an offering of JVHM, Inc., a software development company incorporated in 1999. For the nine years prior to this, the business operated as a sole proprietorship. The depth and skill of JVHM allows us to custom develop many of the themes and features that we make available here. This benefits you as we know how the code used in building your site was designed and have complete control to augment things as necessary. We also understand WordPress and the standards and methods used to develop code on this platform.

You won’t get this depth of knowledge and support from many other website firms. We also have a lot of experience across a large swath of industries, so, we get it. If you have questions on how to best utilize the online resources that are out there, we can share our insights. We also provide custom and much more heavy weight solutions via our group, so, if what you see here doesn’t seem like it is up to the level of service or features that you need, we most likely can still help you out with a custom, possibly self-hosted solution.

And it doesn’t stop here. Our expertise runs wider than just building websites, we have expertise in Contact Relationship Management (CRM) systems, database design and development, business analysis, project management, video production, photographic asset development and graphical design. Check out our JVHM, Inc. website to see all that we offer or just ask us.  By the way, our JVHM, Inc. website is running on a Standard BusinessCapsule plan!

You Are Part of the Family

Once your business is up-and-running on BusinessCapsule, you are part of our family. This means your website is as important to us as it is to you. As such, we’ll do our best to keep your site sparkling and happy. It also means that we will continue to find and make available new and/or improved features that will keep your site ahead of the others.  Our success is truly based upon your success.

Wow! This All Makes Sense!

Having a professionally designed, developed and managed
BusinessCapsule website is a no brainer.

Let’s get this show on the road online!

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Need More?

JVHM, Inc. has a wealth of software development and consulting services available, so, if you are looking for something more, like CRM solution support, a Salesforce Web-to-Lead form for your Facebook Page, or additional online resources not noted here, just drop us a note and we'll be in touch.


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