The Set Up Process

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The BusinessCapsule website and hosting service is not an automated service. We provide a hand built implementation of your website on our infrastructure. You will be running on the same infrastructure as this site and that of our primary site, Setting up your website this way allows us to ensure everything is just right and that you get a good site that is properly configured to support your visitors and the integrated back-end services.

The Process

  1. Purchase your plan
  2. Provide us with the requested details
  3. We build your site
  4. You accept and are on your way

1. Purchase Your Plan

If you have not yet purchased your BusinessCapsule plan, do so on the Website Capsule page.

2. Provide Us with the Requested Details

Once your purchase has been completed we will contact you by email. To finish setting things up we will include a questionnaire and checklist. We’ll need such things as the following to get everything situated:

  • Color Scheme: Utilize the color-scheme drop down list on our site to select the color scheme you would like to use for your site. We may be able to make some adjustments or additions to the available schemes.
  • Your logo artwork: If you don’t have a logo your organization’s name can be displayed utilizing a clean font. You also may specify a tag line (slogan) if you are using a text based “logo”.
  • The content for your pages: We start with the content from you for the various pages you select to have implemented. With the Starter Plan this would just be the single main page. For the Standard Plan we will set up the home page and you can specify the remaining four pages. Typical pages are as following: an About page, a Services or Products page, a Blog article, a Contact web form page, a Portfolio page, a Founders or Management page, a Policy page…. We will review your copy, edit as necessary, format it nicely, SEO enhance it and publish it.
  • Images or Video: If you want to include images or video on your site you can provide those to us. These should be images that you have rights to utilize on your site. We can guide you to stock houses if you want to find images. We also have some resources where you may be able to find free, public domain images. If you would like the images used within a slider we will include setting up one such slideshow.
  • Contact email: If you are implementing a Contact web form, we’ll need to know where the email generated from this form should go. We typically do not display emails on web pages as plain text emails can result in spam issues.
  • Social network links: If you have social network accounts, we’ll gather that from you so that we can incorporate links to those resources. We currently support the following but can add others as need be: Twitter, Facebook Page, Google Plus Page, YouTube Channel, Vimeo, Flickr, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. We incorporate these in the header bar as you’ll see above.
  • Business address and phone number: We typically include a business address and phone number on the Contact Us page but it could be that we’ll also incorporate your phone number and/or address in the header or sidebar area of your site as requested.
  • Google Analytics tracking number: If you don’t yet have a Google Analytics account we can guide you through the process. The integration of the Google Analytics tracking code is not available in the Starter plan.
  • Keyword list: We will ask you for a list of keywords or keyword phrases that you think visitors might search on to find your site. We will review and incorporate these into the content, page titles and meta tags as necessary. We can guide you on keyword selection.
  • Favicon image: The favicon is a small icon image, 16 pixels square, that is used on the tab of a browser. If you don’t have one we’ll provide something.
  • Domain name: If you want your site to run under you own domain, we’ll need that. We’ll also provide you with details on how to redirect your domain to your new website once it is ready to go. We also will add redirects for the pages we create should they already exist on a site that we are replacing.
  • Capsule name: If you are purchasing our Starter plan you will be provided with a BusinessCapsule webpage URL that will incorporate your business name, such as, “”. You may request what you would like for the “MyBusinessName” portion of this URL, also referred to as the sub-domain. We will use the requested sub-domain provided no one has already staked claim to it.

3. We Build Your Site

Once we have the items and answers requested we will get started building your site. After we complete the build we will ask you to closely review and request any adjustments.  We allow for up to a week for reviewing and accepting the site. Once accepted we will deploy your site, which will be a combination of letting the search engines know they may now index the site and, in the case of us utilizing your domain, have you direct your domain to a specified IP address. We then will request sign-off.

4. You Accept and Are On Your Way

Once you have signed off on your site we will provide you with a login to your site. While things should be ready to go, having access will provide you control to change or add to the site content. At this point any additional changes we make are subject to time and material fees. You may, however, utilize our online support system to ask questions on how to make changes you are unsure of. In some cases we will guide you through the changes.  In other cases we may direct you to documentation or videos that will aid you. In any case, we will make certain you have resources to keep your site in tip-top shape.

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